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zindagi-india is an international non-governmental organization dedicated to funding basic education projects for the poor in disadvantaged areas of India.

Zindagi India was founded in April 2002 as a student society of the University of Oxford and is run on a voluntary basis, with every single pound raised going directly to the intended beneficiaries.

Zindagi's mission

"Zindagi" is the Hindi word for "life". Basic education is key to a meaningful life but is often denied to the poor. The capability to read, write and calculate empowers individuals to take control of their own lives. By providing basic education, we achieve community development on a wide scale. Apart from fostering self-reliance and enhancing opportunities, basic education lowers fertility and infant mortality, improves health care in the family and reduces poverty. Basic education improves people's lives measurably.

Our mission is to fund education initiatives of poor communities who on their own are not able to attract funding from government and NGOs, because they lack the necessary institutionalization, access and skills. Our project partners do not speak English, own computers or operate websites, but they understand the needs of their community better than any outsider and have shown great commitment to solving them. The irony is that because they do not have knowledge of funding opportunities and lack the skills to produce lengthy typed funding proposals in English, they are unable to attract the funding needed to improve literacy and change this situation. We discover some excellent community initiatives by following up leads from our advisors. Zindagi chooses to fund such grassroots community initiatives not only because they are neglected by big governmental and non-governmental donors, but also because we believe that this is where relatively small donations have the biggest impact.

We strive to work with these communities as full partners and put great emphasis on measures that avoid donor dependency and make the projects self-sustainable to the largest extent possible. Ownership and execution of each project rests with the community, while regional partner organizations monitor the results and ensure financial accountability.

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